Virtual competitions

A solution for organizing and participating in virtual competitions

Live streaming

Stream your competitions and sell tickets

Virtual competitions

  • Cheer for your favorites and take part in the excitement through the livestream
  • Competition atmosphere at your training facility
  • Watch competitions on your own couch with your family or friends at the training facilities

Vikis for competitors

  • Download the mobile app
  • Enter the code
  • Recording is activated at the time set by organizers
  • The competitor steps onto the competition area and the recording begins!

The app allows only one recording, which creates a true competition excitement

Easy to use app

Download the app

Record the competition performance

Upload the video

Watch the stream online

Vikis for organizers

A great way to host a virtual competition and create a high-quality online stream

  • Set recording time window. Create and send participant registration codes
  • Preview uploaded videos and create rotation lists
  • Ticket sale and high-quality online stream